What did I shave my legs for?

are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?

If it’s in cinemas in Germany maybe I’ll go see it :)

Ooh adrenaline, baby

You're so beautiful <3

today’s been an awful day, but you just made my day with this message! thank you so much darling, you’re so beautiful aswell  <3

You are now allowed to leave me alone. Forever.

That idiot should just leave my life completely! And with leave I mean fuck off into a hole and never ever come out again!

Send me the sign and I will do it.

æ: Post a picture of yourself.
✌: Share a childhood memory.
♡: Make a confession.
❁: Share one of your insecurities.
✓: Share something about yourself others might think is weird.
☹: Share a turn off.
☀: Share a turn on.
♬: Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past.
♧: Share the story of something that makes you smile.
☆: Share one thing you think about before you go to bed at night.
☮: Share a relationship story.
This will be interesting.